Sight Word Freebie

Teach upper grades and have students struggling with basic sight words? Me, too.

There are some students who need basic sight word instruction and follow-up practice.  The majority of my students who fit this need are second language learners.  I start or end a guided reading group with some quick sight word practice (word work), usually based on the text that we are reading together.

In addition to word work during guided reading, I created Find It, Spell It, Write It printables for use during independent practice time.  Students get a few minutes to daub using a Bingo dauber, write the sight word in isolation, then use that sight word in a sentence.  So far, I have made practice sheets for 80 of Fry’s First 100 words out.  Check out a 10 word sample bundle I have made available for free on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Denise

Sight Word Freebie

High Frequency Word Practice:  Fry Words 1-10 (Find It, Spell It, Write It)

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