Favorite ELA Websites: Part 2

Back again to chat about best ELA websites! We spend a good deal of time teaching nonfiction topics and there are plenty of sites to choose from, some free and some are not.  I tend to stick with free since I am raising two boys with bottomless pits for appetites!

When teaching nonfiction, I use ReadWorks (see Part 1 of this series) as my first “go to”.  However, there are times when I really want to dive into current events or what kids are currently talking about. In these cases, I use…

1.  Newsela
There’s a free and pro version.  Depends on your need – I use the free version to access articles as needed.  You can get a free trial of the pro version to see what it’s all about!

2.  Tween Tribune
This site is part of the Smithsonian.  You can sort by grade level groups and even change the language to Spanish.  Definitely addresses current events but does take age appropriateness into consideration when addressing tragic events.

3.  DOGO News
Super engaging website and articles.  I will caution that this one has videos, book reviews and other things like a comment feature.  For this site, I don’t link the kid’s Google Classroom account (can’t comment without one)!!

4.  Wonderopolis
Do kids every ask you a question like “Why do we procrastinate?” and your answer is “I don’t know!” – if you are nodding your head YES than this site is for you.  Kids can type in a specific question or topic and read to find out the answer!!  It’s a fun way to read and learn!

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