Back to School Freebie

Even after 21 years of teaching, there’s going to be a day at the 🙂 of the year where I am WAY over planned and the kids don’t finish half of what I had set up to do.  You’ve been there, right?  It’s easy to forget that all the systems and expectations you had in place in May aren’t already there in the fall. That classroom running like clockwork is long gone and you have to start from scratch…again.  Tear.

Strangely, on other days, we will inevitably finish the lessons in record time and need a filler activity before the 3:05 bell!!   I usually have some copies of a word search with all our names in it as a filler.  But, I also like Bingo because I can be a part of the activity and show my funny side a bit!

So, I’ve created a Back to School Bingo set to share with you.  Download it for FREE, on my TpT store today and then go back to enjoying your time off.  BTS will be here soon enough.

:)Happily on Summer Break,


Prep Tips:  Build in some time to make the boards and have baggies with ripped up recycled paper to cover the spaces ready to go.  That way when you want to play, kids can just get out their boards, have a helper pass out the baggies, and start playing!  A winner’s reward can simply becoming the next game’s caller!

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