Teachers are Lifelong Learners!

Teachers are Lifelong Learners!  Take me, for example.  Today, I learned how to convert a PPT into an iMovie.  Now, I can upload those as video file previews on my TpT store.  I am feeling quite accomplished! Yay ME!

I’ll admit, it was a bit stressful (learning something new).  I didn’t give up and was glad to have some support online and the time to do work.

Once I am done basking in the glory of my first video preview achievement, I plan to reflect on what it was I did to “stick with it” and use this as an example with my own students.  I have seen time and again the “learned helplessness” and “I hate this” or “It’s stupid” attitude when a task or assignment is challenging.  One task I’ve given myself this year is to model sticking with it.  Maybe this is my personal narrative topic???

Oh!  IF you want to check out my video preview for well, my personal narrative unit, check it out here.

Or paste this:   https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Writing-Personal-Narratives-Unit-CCSS-Aligned-3891400

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